Michael Rigby

XXX · Oxford · OX2 XXX

Tel. XXX / XXX · Email jesusmarapmopi@localshed.com


§         Experienced computer user.

§         Solid experience of the use and maintenance of Windows and Linux systems.

§         Programming experience for custom solutions, including web design.

§         Professional, methodical approach to work.

§         Excellent communication abilities, both written and spoken.



  • Programming
  • Web Programming
  • Web Design
  • Basic German
  • Mathematics
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Adaptable


Operating systems

I have installed, maintained and used several operating systems including most guises of Microsoft Windows (3.11/95/98/NT/2000), Unix (Solaris) and Linux (SUSE). I have a good working knowledge of several Windows applications such as MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher), Macromedia Dreamweaver + Flash and Adobe Photoshop.



I have developed programs using languages including C, C++, Java, Visual Basic, Pascal and Fortran. I have made stand-alone applications for individuals and groups of people. During my research work, I developed programs that worked within an established programming environment. This work also involved shell scripting. In my spare time, I have developed a number of numerical physics models such as gravity and constrained object simulations in Macromedia Flash e.g. http://www.localshed.com/flash/interactive/challenge/Mu.php


Web design and programming

I have produced several websites, the most current being a site for the Oxford Folk Festival. Recently, I became interested in web programming and use Macromedia Flash, HTML and PHP combined with MySQL to design websites. An interest in mobile computing inspired me to make a PHP driven WAP portal for email access and web page editing over mobile phones. I am investigating programming smart phones with Java technology using Borland JBuilder 8 and the Nokia Developer’s Suite 2.0 for J2ME.


Scientific & Analytical skills

A 4-year Master of Physics degree at Oxford University has provided me with a very firm grounding in theoretical and practical science. I am very confident in applying mathematics to abstract and everyday situations. Subsequent research work at the HERA particle collider provided me with extensive experience in manipulating and analysing large volumes of complex data statistically and graphically. I am a member of the Institute of Physics, and retain a keen interest in general science.



I am an imaginative, literate and friendly person. I am a fast learner with a thirst for new knowledge and experiences. I enjoy solving problems, and can work on them alone or as part of a team. Whilst researching in Hamburg, I became an integral part of two weekly working groups. I made presentations, engaged in active discussions with group members, working alone and as part of small, dynamic teams to solve time-critical problems. The two groups often had incompatible requirements, and I had to coordinate and achieve compromise in accordance with hard deadlines.



Michael Rigby

XXX · Oxford · OX2 XXX

Tel. XXX / XXX · Email jesusmarampopi@localshed.com



Education & Qualifications                                                                                                       1993-Present

University of Oxford – PPARC funded postgraduate research in particle physics                                        1999-2003


University of Oxford – 4 year Master of Physics course MPhys (2:1)                                                        1995-1999


Hulme Grammar School, Oldham                                                                                                       1988-1995


Work at the ZEUS particle detector, Hamburg                                                                               2001-2002

Whilst gathering data for my research, I worked several deputy shifts as part of an international rota system. My responsibilities included regular inspections of the particle detector and its extensive mechanical and electrical support systems, liaising with subsystem specialists, and providing on the spot reports of detector status. When necessary, I was expected to apply fixes to problems as prescribed by specialists over the telephone or from written procedures.


As a trigger coordinator, I worked with two physics groups that had differing operational requirements. My responsibility was to present compromises to both groups at weekly meetings and thereby aid in resolving matters and pushing forward the experiment as a whole.


Office and computer work, Hall and Rogers Ltd., Manchester                                                      1993-Present

I have had a number of summer jobs at Hall and Rogers Ltd.  I was responsible for normal office work, and computer support. I wrote custom programs to aid in the smooth running of the company. I continue to provide computer support for senior staff by telephone.


Work experience, G.E.C. Plessey, Oldham                                                                                             1993

I spent two weeks working and observing at GEC Plessey, a semi-conductor chip designer and manufacturer. During my first week, I became familiar with the manufacturing and testing stage of production. At my request, I then transferred to the design and testing departments where I was shown the laboratory environments and offsite chip design studios.


Personal Details

Date of Birth:        7 April 1977

Nationality:           British

Driving licence:    Full clean UK driving licence

Available:              Immediately


Email:                      jesusmarapmopi@localshed.com

Telephone:            XXX / XXX



Available upon request